Virtual Staffing

Knowledgeable and experienced senior technical staff are very expensive. Considerably more expensive than you may realize.

During the average week, month or year, how much of their time is actually spent utilizing their knowledge and experience to their potential?

Many of our clients take advantage of our "Virtual Staffing" services. Our senior associates bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to your operation. They understand their contribution to your business objectives.

The two major advantages are:

1. The contract resource only works when scheduled or requested. If there is no work to be done, or problems to be resolved, then there is no cost to you. Solutions selected by our clients range near-full-time to one day per week to several hours per month.

2. The experience and knowledge brought to your operation will result in work being done accurately, professionally and quickly. Problems are rapidly resolved.

The result is your having your technical staffing position(s) filled by very senior technical resources, often at a considerable savings to your operation.

Ainger & Associates Inc. can also provide one of several levels of on-call support services if required.