The pace of business and technical changes continues to accelerate. Pressures to meet financial objectives while implementing new or changing processes and technologies often appear to be impossible tasks. Increased customer focus is driving Call Centres, Help Centres, Internet access enablement and the requirement for significant enhancements in IT infrastructure to meet these challenges. The decision to implement SANs, NASs or utilize SSPs for storage growth is typical.

These challenges, when combined with today’s requirement for formalized Project Management disciplines, often results in a shortage of qualified in-house Project Managers and a resulting shortage of staff in their regular positions.

What you need is an expert staff without the expert costs.

That's where Ainger and Associates Inc. can help. We are a full-service consulting organization that gives your company the competitive edge with our industry-recognized business management and information technology experts and processes - a problem-solving company with a proven record, offering innovative solutions to best meet your business, financial and technical objectives.

Consider us your own fully trained, highly knowledgeable and experienced team. We are a group of skilled professionals qualified to meet your business and technical needs. We can organize and enhance your data processing and management processes while providing added insurance against business interruptions and/or a lost IT capability disaster.

Ainger & Associates Inc. guarantees that our experience and flexibility will meet, if not exceed, your objectives. As our client, you can expect:

  • successful projects that are completed on time and on budget
  • business processes that deliver your business objectives
  • IT services for mainframe and/or Client/Server that meet or exceed your requirements

and that you will save money on every assignment we undertake.

Ainger and Associates Inc. can help optimize your business processes and IT performance. Talk to us and get a first-hand look at how the Ainger and Associates' advantage can become an instant asset to maximizing your and your customers' business and IT investment.

For now, get to know us better and find out how we can become your "on-call" experts. Take a look at our service offerings and our associates backgrounds. As many of our clients request advance notice of your contact, we offer a complete set of references, customized to your project, on request.


No single organization has immediate access to expert consulting assets to service every imaginable request. Ainger & Associates Inc. has established partner relationships with a number of other large and small organizations to ensure that you receive the levels of knowledge, experience and expertise required for any engagement.

Our clients are always made aware, in advance, when an asset from a partner organization will be servicing an assignment.


To provide quality, cost-effective and on-time solutions which enable our clients to achieve their business and technical objectives through cooperative use of client resources and our industry leading experts.

Expertise Integration

One of Ainger & Associates Inc.'s organizational core strengths is the cross-pollination of resource expertise that takes place between our associates. Our associates can and do call upon each other's knowledge and experience when required. Delays are minimized allowing projects and deliverables to remain on schedule and within cost estimates.