Associate's Backgrounds

Listed below are précis of our associates' resumes. As many of our clients request notice of potential reference calls, we forward complete resumes and reference lists as a project's requirements are identified.

Storage Management Office and Local Business Systems
Mainframe Operating System Software Project Management
Client/Server Business Process Re-engineering
CICS and MQ/Series Networks and Communications
Database Management Running the IT Business and Managing Technology
Site Planning and Configuration Management Network Cable Systems

Project Management [top]

Whether the project is large and complex, or small and of short duration, our Project Management Specialists have up to 35 years experience in the field. Whether the project is largely technical in nature, or less so, we have been responsible for managing diverse projects that crossed department and company lines of responsibility. Our associates have experience managing projects/programs with budgets as small as $180k up to $100M.

As Project Management consultants, we have worked with clients across Canada, the United States and overseas.

All or our associates have considerable experience planning, tracking and managing projects involving their areas of expertise.

Business Process Re-engineering [top]

Our Senior Specialists all have over 5 years of experience in the fields of Business Process Re-engineering and Project Management. They have worked with clients in the financial services sector, trust and leasing companies, as well as computer service bureaus, VAR and office solution vendors.

Whether the requirement is the conceptual design and user specifications for the redevelopment of existing systems, the re-engineering of business processes, the redesign and automation of a specific process, or the development of a strategic plan from market opportunity analysis through business planning, their knowledge and experience becomes a bold asset to the project team.

Storage Management [top]

Our senior associates, including a founding member of HDS' DFSMS assistance-offering development team, specialize in guiding and directing the application of storage systems management and storage system solutions to customer needs.

We are experienced in all aspects of central site and distributed data storage management including: performance and capacity management; System-Managed Storage including TSM; tactical, strategic, and disaster recovery planning.

We have consulting experience with large and small clients in Canada, the US, Europe, South America and Asia.

Mainframe Operating System Software [top]

With a minimum of 10 years experience with technical support for large and small IBM systems, our senior associates have experience in upgrades, migrations, implementations and use of current MVS releases, including SYSPLEX and parallel system environments, as well as related system software such as TSO, ISPF, GRS, SMP/E, and RACF.

Several remain active consultants to IBM's Support Centre while consulting to large and small clients in Canada, the US, and Asia.

Client/Server [top]

Our senior associates have extensive experience with emerging technology services in client/server applications, knowledge-based systems, object-oriented design, multi-media, portable computing, telecommuting, and quality assurance.

CICS and MQ/Series [top]

Including a former member of IBM's National Support Group, our senior associates have extensive experience in the design, development, and implementation of Transaction and Database Management Systems, including CICS, DB2, IMS, and Message Queuing Series.

They have considerable consulting and teaching experience in Canada, the US and Asia.

Database Management [top]

Including a founding member of IBM's DB2 development team, and former National DB2 Technical Support Specialist for IBM Canada, our senior sssociates have extensive experience in application databases' logical and physical design, SQL performance and tuning, DB2 system performance and tuning, DB2 system and application backup and recovery, and problem solving in complex and distributed DB2 related situations. In addition, we have very bold backgrounds with IMS, and other Database Management Systems such as Oracle.

We have consulting experience with large and small clients in Canada and the US.

Site Planning and Configuration Management [top]

With over 25 years experience with various hardware vendors and major Canadian banks, our associates have considerable experience in the design and planning for new, expanding, and / or relocation of data centres.

Office and Local Business Systems [top]

Over 25 years of experience working with client's local and office business systems have developed our senior associates reputations for delivering quality solutions and satisfaction to their clients.

Our knowledge of local operating system software such as UNIX and all Microsoft operating systems, combined with knowledge and experience with business applications, enables our associates to bring creative and cost-effective solutions to our client's problems and business needs.

Networks and Communications [top]

Our senior associates are telecommunications specialists with up to 30 years experience in Information Technology. We have extensive experience in the design, implementation, and integration of network solutions.

We have provided national-level technical support to customers on connectivity solutions for networks and the design and performance of networks.

Running the IT Business and Managing Technology [top]

With over 25 years of experience in IT, our associates have worked with companies to create efficient IS groups. We have been involved in IT planning at all levels and brought cost savings through such vehicles as outsourcing, hardware and software contract reviews, and the implementation of acquisition strategies in IT. Our experts have also implemented cost recovery vehicles such as chargeback, business impact analysis, business process optimisation and redesign and business case preparations.

As an extension to the business cornerstone, our associates bring a focus to Managing Technology from architectural design through to systems implementation and management. Enterprise Disaster Recovery, Technical Audits, Operations Blueprints and Technical Planning are key deliverables.

Network Cable Systems [top]

Our staff of Professional Engineers and Registered Communications Distribution Designers are trained in the latest implementation methods required in large high speed networks. Our experience in implementing corporate Ethernet and Token Ring networks combined with experience and on-going training in newer technologies such as Ethernet Switching, FDDI, and ATM enable them to provide the latest designs incorporating physical medium (fiber and copper cabling) and physical equipment such as Hubs, switches, bridges, routers, etc.