Project Management

Most IT projects are late before they have even started, let alone within budget!

Sound Familiar?

The IT industry has a terrible reputation when it comes to delivering projects successfully. Industry statistics show that approximately 70 percent of all IT projects fail to deliver on at least one of TIME, COST or QUALITY targets.

Ainger & Associates Inc. knows why...and will ensure that your project is not one of the 70 percent that fail.

Ainger & Associates Inc. Project Management team brings a record of delivery successes. Our Associates will help ensure that your IT projects are delivered on time, on budget, and to your client's satisfaction.

IT projects involve the coordination of technical experts with different technical backgrounds from different departments (and their managers), contractors, multiple vendors, and perhaps most difficult - the client. In addition to the coordination of these players, schedules must be developed and maintained, budgets established and tracked, meetings set up and facilitated, contingency plans drafted and modified, and status reports presented to the client and senior management.

All this - with ever decreasing lead-times and deadlines. The extent to which Project Managers are successful may make the difference to a company's success or failure in the marketplace.

Ainger & Associates Inc.'s' Project Managers bring as a core competency Project Management experience across all IT platforms. We also bring a minimum of eight years' experience managing technical projects including:

  • Infrastructure deployment (data & telephony)
  • Network deployment
  • Enterprise Storage Management integration
  • Data centre and office design and construction
  • CTI application and infrastructure deployment
  • Operating and Application Systems installation, upgrades and migrations
  • Business process re-engineering

Our associates will work with your teams, allowing them to focus on their technical expertise while we assume responsibility and accountability for the overall management and leadership of the project. Our associates' clients have enjoyed consistent project success through our strong, but flexible adherence to proven Project Management principles.

Although each project varies in duration and complexity, each of our clients can expect to see a clear and concise Project Plan to ensure successful delivery. At a minimum the Project Plan includes:

  • Business Case
  • Project Scope
  • Project Resource Requirements
  • Project Budget
  • Project Milestones
  • Project Assumptions & Dependencies
  • Detailed Project Task List
  • Project Risk Management Plan
  • Scope & Change Management Plans
  • Management Reporting Acceptance Criteria