Business Processes

Are you achieving the anticipated benefits as you automate or implement new or changed business and office processes and procedures?

Staff shortages and/or inexperience often require that automation and application technology projects simply automate the existing process. In some cases, the existing process does not meet your business or your users' requirements, and simply automating the process may result in not meeting your performance and service expectations.

We provide a full range of Business Process Re-engineering services that will ensure that your business and service objectives are met.

First, we work with you to understand the culture, management strategies, and your business goals and objectives. Then, we analyze and re-engineer your business processes to reduce costs, increase efficiency, enhance customer service and allow you to generate increased revenues. We ensure that proper controls and management information are provided and are balanced with the need for lean and effective work-flows and systems.

By optimizing the business process, we ensure that automation and/or conversion projects accomplish the proper objectives and meet you business and service requirements.

Our Business Process Re-engineering services include:

  • Business process analysis and design
  • Organization structure analysis and design
  • Development and planning of change initiatives
  • Change implementation management